1. Know our Customer

We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs, whether this is face to face or over the telephone. At this stage we gather information about you and discuss your objectives in detail. We will also provide you with information on our fees and services.

2. Find a Solution

Following initial discussions we will source the markets and present some options for discussion

3. Recommendation

If you are happy to move forward with our services we will ask you to sign our client agreement form whereby we will provide you with a detailed recommendation

4. Approval

If you accept our recommendation we will then look to obtain an approval in principle at which point you will be credit checked and assessed on affordability.

5. Application

Once approved, you are ready to move forward and we will prepare an application for submission. This will include gathering up documents for the lender

6. Processing to Offer

We will manage the application through to offer liaising with solicitors and estate agents alike, keeping you informed every step of the way.

7. Post Offer

Once your mortgage application has been offered we will check through for accuracy and ensure you fully understand it’s content and conditions. We will also review your protection choices to ensure you are adequately covered.

8. Completion

Once your mortgage has completed we don’t just leave it there. We will stay in touch and regularly review the mortgage to ensure that you maintain the most suitable deal for your circumstances and needs.